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Welcome to

Hello visitor! I have not had time to update this site for many years. All stuff on this site (with a few exeptions) is now at least a few years old; it can no longer be taken for being my 2016 portfolio. Everything here, including all text, is passed time!

This is my web stuff. Take a look at some of my work. Some of if is hand coded from scratch, and some of it is based on various CMS platforms.

Lately I have been into Moodle LMS customizations, Moodle Plug-ins, Salesforce APIs, PayPal APIs, SugarCRM APIs, Google Maps APIs, Tradera APIs, HTML5 Video clients, and much more. This work has involved extensive use of PHP, JQuery, CSS3, and HTML5.

Send an email if you have any questions.

Finally, have a nice day and enjoy life!